KASE in Action: Exquisite Knowing Launches Imprint

Exquisite Knowing expands to include its own imprint with the publication of Abacus Creek: Ekphrastic Poems by Dr. D’s 2017 Creative Writing Workshop. The limited edition collection includes poems by Menlo School’s Class of ’23 (6th graders at the time of publication) responding to Nick Cave’s Soundsuits, which were installed at Stanford University’s Anderson Collection.

To create their poems and shepherd them to publication, participants used KASE. In turn, Exquisite Knowing practiced KASE to create the opportunity for publication and to expand our offerings.

About the collection, Dr. D aka Ashley David, says, “What impresses me most about this work is its diversity. Each of the twelve students contemplated Cave’s work and responded in deeply personal ways.” The volume is archived in the Menlo School library.