Work with Us

We’re an audacious, early-stage, service company with more than 20 years of R&D driving the creation of exceptional tools and services that power people to empower themselves and others, holistically.

We’re conscious, optimistic, smart, and compassionate. We believe theory and practice have seats at the table, but they aren’t the same thing. We’re looking for exceptional humans who think holistically, share our vision, and really want to be a part of the Exquisite Knowing™ journey.

We define innovation in terms of diversity and inclusivity, and our business is manifesting elegant and surprising ways to help our customers and constituencies solve burning questions–both human and planetary. We’re intrepidly fathoming the depths. We’re hungry to raise our own bar. Every day. Conscious democratic participation rocks our world.

Intrigued? Scan our openings below. If you don’t see something that fits–but you believe that you do–be audacious. Reach out, and let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Product Alchemists

Our Product Alchemists create the “what” of Exquisite Knowing™ and insure that ExquisiteKnowing™ tools and services are exceptionally suited to the business of powering people to empower themselves and others holisitically. User-motivated and user-responsive, Product Alchemists dare to dream–and do–beyond the box.

We appreciate:

  • Impressive Technical Skills
  • a Willingness to Learn
  • Solution Wizards
  • EK-passion™ (conscious, optimistic, smart & compassionate zeal)
  • App Development: Internship
  • Book Publishing: Internship
  • Product Development (Classrooms): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Product Development (Companies): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Product Development (Communities): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Product Development (Communicators): Internship …COMING SOON

Operations Trailblazers

Our Operations Trailblazers guarantee that we walk our own talk as an ExquisiteKnowing Company™ that powers its people to empower themselves and others. Operations Trailblazers translate the Exquisite Knowing™ vision into our everyday work reality. As our navigators, Operations Trailblazers develop business strategy, establish targets, outline roles and responsibilities, and tackle the nitty gritty of logistics including finances, forecasts, internal processes, and timelines.

We appreciate:

  • Impressive Process Skills
  • an Efficiency True North
  • Organizational Einsteins
  • Qual-dar™ (“Quality Radar,” of course)
  • Finance: Internship
  • Strategy: Internship

Growth Mavens

Our Growth Mavens redefine the marketing mold so that Exquisite Knowing™ reaches everyone it’s capable of powering. They understand the 4C’s comprehensively, and they conspire to nuance how we approach these overlapping contexts by collaborating with all they meet to articulate Exquisite Knowing’s potential effectively. Holistic vision is their superpower, and they leverage data and analysis to spread the Exquisite Knowing love in terms that are personally meaningful to our diverse audiences and constituencies.

We appreciate:

  • Impressive Creativity
  • a Curious Mind
  • Strategic Thinkers
  • Analyti-pah™ (Analytical Chutzpah!)
  • Social Media: Internship
  • Online/Print Design: Internship
  • Podcast: Internship …COMING SOON

Sales Mavericks

Our Sales Mavericks help us understand our customers and meet them where they are so that Exquisite Knowing™ can power our constituencies to empower themselves and others. Steeped in customer-motivated sales process and conscientious and conscionable conversion tactics, Sales Mavericks demonstrate clearly how Exquisite Knowing™ solves our customers’ theory vs. practice problems. And, like our Growth Mavens, Sales Mavericks speak Exquisite Knowing™ fluently and in terms that matter to each and every one of our constituents.

We appreciate:

  • Impressive Ground-breaking Skills
  • an Intuitive Streak
  • Resilient Overachievers
  • Compass-ma™ (Compassionate Charisma!)
  • Business Development (Classrooms): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Business Development (Companies): Internship
  • Business Development (Communities): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Business Development (Communicators): Internship …COMING SOON

ExquisiteKnowing Pioneers

Our ExquisiteKnowing Pioneers™ walk the ExquisiteKnowing walk with our customers and constituencies every day. They facilitate seamless and sustainable ExquisiteKnowing™  implementation across the 4C’s. From the ExquisiteKnowing Frontier™, they also develop a deep and nuanced understanding of how to continue raising the Exquisite Knowing™ bar so that we can guarantee that Exquisite Knowing™ evolves and enhances its capacity to catalyze empowered participation of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders. And, like all these stakeholders, ExquisiteKnowing Pioneers are committed to leveling inequity to redefine innovation holistically.

We appreciate:

  • Impressive ExquisiteKnowing Skills
  • an Even Keel
  • Facilitation Adventurers
  • Xquiz-Emp™ (“Exquisite Empathy,” yes, indeed!)
Current Openings
  • Implementation (Classrooms): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Implementation (Companies): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Implementation (Communities): Internship …COMING SOON
  • Implementation (Communicators): Internship …COMING SOON

Empowerment accrues. Transformation follows.