Wellbeing Pie by Exquisite Knowing

In times of stress, our lizard brains take over to help us survive. Unfortunately, you can’t be your best–or do your best–when you rely on the lizard brain. To fully empower yourself, especially in times of stress, you have to nurture your own unique and authentic “I.”

This “I” is your superpower, and we call it, your exquisite knowing. With Wellbeing Pie, we help you nourish and fortify your personally meaningful exquisite knowing every day. Each slice of Wellbeing Pie helps you catalyze micro-empowerment. As micro-empowerment accrues, your best self emerges.

So, join us for a slice…

  • Broadcasts: Wellbeing Pie by Exquisite Knowing on YouTube
  • Real-time & Personalized: We also offer personalized 1:1 slices of Wellbeing Pie via FaceTime and group-tailored slices via Google Hangout. To set up your slice, use the Contact Us form to send us a message.

…get out of your lizard brain and into your “I” with a juicy slice of Wellbeing Pie. Yum!

Broadcast Archives

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