With EKonomy™, Exquisite Knowing has created this next-generation model. This model is Neighborhood-Responsive™, and it achieves what the sliding scale can only begin to attempt. It does so holistically by leveraging all the power of the Exquisite Knowing™ system to activate participants to empower themselves and collectively shift culture and experience, one empowered exchange at time. Derived from gift-exchange economy precedents across the globe, and fully adaptable to specific demographic and cultural contexts, EKonomy™—the Exquisite Knowing Economy—creates a system of exchange in which everyone can participate, the math works, and people have choices, just like with a sliding scale, but with a vital equity-achieving difference. EKonomy™ transforms commerce into mutually empowered and empowering community-making.

Exquisite Knowing enters new territory with the launch of the world’s first EKorg–Second Ward Space. Second Ward Space is a Neighborhood-Responsive™ concept designed, from the ground-up, to catalyze and sustain mutual and reciprocal community-making in Houston’s Second Ward and beyond. The concept relies on EKonomy™ for its community development and profit model, and it emphasizes three pillars: Community | Yoga | Provisions.

Exquisite Knowing expands to include its own imprint with the publication of Abacus Creek: Ekphrastic Poems, by Dr. D’s 2017 Creative Writing Workshop. The limited edition collection includes poems by Menlo School’s Class of ’23 (6th graders at the time of publication) responding to Soundsuits, by artist Nick Cave. To create their poems and shepherd them to publication, participants used KASE. In turn, Exquisite Knowing practiced KASE to create the opportunity for publication and to expand our offerings.