Exquisite Knowing Workshops™offer a culturally responsive model for catalyzing conscious democratic participation of a diverse population of participants. Workshops emphasize cooperative learning, creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and empowered individual participation rooted in everyday experience.

By invoking and honing observation, creative process, and critical thinking skills, participants become empowered to know what they know, both for themselves and in relation to each other, the collectivity, and collaborative process. This “exquisite knowing” not only enhances the immediate activity and experience. Learning the process for achieving it provides participants with a vital tool for their everyday lives.

Children and adults of all ages benefit from learning this model and process, and cross-generational, cross-functional, and/or trans-hierarchical groups offer particularly enlightening and productive opportunities both for individuals and the community at-large.

“It’s not really about thinking or feeling so much as it’s about knowing.”

Cassidy M., age 12