Exquisite Knowing Facilitations™ bridge the spectrum of intergenerational constituencies and catalyze innovative solutions. By illuminating diverse perspectives about issues and creating networks of trust, shared vocabularies and strategic skills emerge to tackle burning questions and issues. Facilitations energize participants and empower them for dynamic, ongoing engagement.

Facilitations convene a diverse spectrum of stakeholders for half- to 2-day conversations and work-sessions. They can be structured around existing burning questions/issues, or they can help the assembled constituencies derive the most relevant and representative burning questions/issues to address. Facilitations form the basis of meaningful strategic plans and initiatives by empowering the spectrum of stakeholders to illuminate the interrelationships of race, class, and culture in play and then to collaborate on devising initiatives for holistic community wellbeing.

Ashley is very talented, and her excellent interpersonal and communication skills make her an excellent meeting/working-session facilitator.

Luc Olivier, Jr. Managing Director/SVP/
Transformational Financial Services Leader