Exquisite Knowing™

Exquisite Knowing™ facilitations, trainings, and workshops catalyze empowered participation of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders in holistic community development.

Based on the Exquisite Knowing Model™, developed by Ashley David, MFA/PhD, these offerings manifest and model processes for creating and achieving—as dynamic, ongoing efforts—environments that innovate and maximize learning, personal growth, mutual respect, and community collaboration. Additionally, they create contexts favorable for retaining staff, building leadership, and closing achievement gaps.

Ashley has unique abilities to synthesize complex information from a variety of sources and points of view and a knack for coming up with creative solutions to challenging issues/problems. She has a broad knowledge of the fine and performing arts gathered from interdisciplinary study and hands-on work with non-profit organizations. An exceptional communicator, Ashley has both an eagerness and an ability to work with diverse cultural and ethnic groups.

Brent Fogt, Artist &
Horizons for Youth Marketing Manager