Exquisite Knowing ™ is a comprehensive system–theory, strategy, methodology, and process–to transform conditions (like curiosity, shame, privilege, injustice, and oppression) into empowered and sustainable actions (like questioning, creating, and healing). By transforming culture and systems, one micro-empowerment at a time, into safe and equitable contexts, individuals act, innovate, and own their conscious knowing.

With Exquisite Knowing™, micro-empowerment accrues. As it does, the potential for mutual and reciprocal community and co-authored change manifests as everyday experience.

Exquisite Knowing™ is the result of more than two decades of research and practice conducted by Ashley David in collaboration with a spectrum of diverse participants, in contexts ranging from schools to corporations to community groups and individuals across four continents.

Exquisite Knowing for the 21st Century details the system and is forthcoming.

Know it. Apply it. Sustain it. Explore…