What’s your Burning Question?

Exquisite Knowing offers consulting and mentoring services to support you to explore Burning Questions and manifest great ideas as everyday reality… especially when theory, practice, and results aren’t aligned. We help you raise the bar, personally and objectively.


We work with teams, organizations, and communities to raise the bar for diversity, equity, inclusion, innovation, and fiscal accountability. We help you guarantee that your mission and values manifest as everyday experience for your internal and external stakeholders consistently and sustainably.


Our founder, Ashley David, works one-on-one with a select group of adults and children to support them to achieve their potential by internalizing Exquisite Knowing tools and applying them to their lives and work. These collaborations are highly personalized, holistic, and tend to be long-term.

About Our Rates

EKonomy guides our approach to compensation for services rendered. Via a gift-exchange philosophy, EKonomy guides clients to choose their fee based on personal priorities and ability. It also empowers them to support others to access EK tools and services.

Although EKonomy leverages components of a sliding scale payment plan, its success relies on other mechanisms. By emphasizing participation that “pays it forward” while averaging price points, it fosters mutuality and community. The result is enhanced fiscal sustainability defined by community solidarity and access. 

Core Concepts
  1. Current participants are sponsored by prior participants—a “pay it forward” approach.
  2. Participants choose to sponsor the next participant at a level that fits their capacity and priorities.
  3. Community-making frames and messaging guide participant choices, and together we pass on the wealth.
Sample Fee Guide

Choose your level according to financial capacity inflected by personal priorities.

  • Participate:  I bring myself and more! (</= $75/hr)
  • Sustain:  I can help sustain this gift-exchange economy. ($100/hr)
  • Thrive:  I want to make sure this resource thrives. ($125/hr)
  • Grow:  I want our community to grow. ($150/hr)
  • Catalyze:  I want everyone to be able to access these tools and services. (>/= $175/hr)

These sample rates are for individual clients. Organization and Project rates are set in collaboration with clients according to the same philosophy and principles.

Empowerment Accrues. Transformation follows.