With EKonomy™, Exquisite Knowing has created this next-generation model. This model is Neighborhood-Responsive™, and it achieves what the sliding scale can only begin to attempt. It does so holistically by leveraging all the power of the Exquisite Knowing™ system to activate participants to empower themselves and collectively shift culture and experience, one empowered exchange at time. Derived from gift-exchange economy precedents across the globe, and fully adaptable to specific demographic and cultural contexts, EKonomy™—the Exquisite Knowing Economy—creates a system of exchange in which everyone can participate, the math works, and people have choices, just like with a sliding scale, but with a vital equity-achieving difference. EKonomy™ transforms commerce into mutually empowered and empowering community-making.

Exquisite Knowing enters new territory with the launch of the world’s first EKorg–Second Ward Space. Second Ward Space is a Neighborhood-Responsive™ concept designed, from the ground-up, to catalyze and sustain mutual and reciprocal community-making in Houston’s Second Ward and beyond. The concept relies on EKonomy™ for its community development and profit model, and it emphasizes three pillars: Community | Yoga | Provisions.