Books & Tools

Books and tools are in the works to help you practice and benefit from Exquisite Knowing™ every day.

Forthcoming titles

Exquisite Knowing for the 21st Century: Powering You to Empower Yourself & Others

Your go-to Exquisite Knowing™ resource. It defines the ExquisiteKnowing System™ and introduces you to ways you can use ExquisiteKnowing™ strategy, process, and feeling to empower yourself and others. Every day. Jump-start your Exquisite Knowing™ here.

The ExquisiteKnowing Classroom

When we apply Exquisite Knowing™ to the classroom, we empower students to drive differentiated learning as empowered contributors regardless of aptitude or prior experience. As a result, the learning community raises the bar for what’s possible–collectively and collaboratively. Learn how to transform your classroom.

The ExquisiteKnowing Company

Good teams collaborate. Great teams innovate. ExquisiteKnowing™ teams leap beyond great to level inequity and drive innovation holistically. Learn how you and your team can achieve collective leadership that yields next order results.

The ExquisiteKnowing Community

Wouldn’t it be great if our democratic ideals manifested as everyday experience for everyone? Learn how you and your community can leverage Exquisite Knowing™ to catalyze conscious democratic participation, manifest social justice, and embody democratic potential.

The ExquisiteKnowing Communicator

If you dread writing, or think you can’t write, try empowering yourself to write the ExquisiteKnowing™ way. Learn to develop, craft, and share your ideas confidently and effectively. Redefine communication by redefining yourself as a conscious thinker-writer.