With the following tools, Exquisite Knowing supports individuals and organizations to create mutual, reciprocal, and sustainable community across diverse populations. Each tool is tailorable to your unique context and needs.

EK-Org for Nonprofits

This transformative organizational development and process improvement model empowers nonprofits to operate successfully, transform smoothly from improvised chaos to exquisite organization, and scale up (or down) strategically and collectively. Even better, sustainable transformation yields bar-raising creativity and innovation as everyday experiences that inspire.


This transformative financial model enables social ventures to leverage conventional market exchange equitably and create mutual and reciprocal communities across diverse populations. EKonomy places equal value on participation, provides access regardless of financial means, and creates economic opportunity via financial participation that reflects each participant’s economic capacity as inflected by their personal priorities. With EKonomy, empowered participants collectively drive financial success and sustainability.


This transformative communication model empowers individuals to develop and communicate their ideas and priorities effectively. It leverages writing not only for communication but also for the thinking, awareness, and creativity necessary for empowered communication. EKommunication paves the way for mutual and reciprocal exchange that matters.

EK Learners

This education model transforms teaching and learning through rigorous process that fosters mutual exchange and autonomous accountability. Empowered participants drive the learning process, while expert facilitators support it. Collectively, students and teachers raise the bar for learning and knowledge. EK Learners establish a foundation for education that is equitable, mutual, and sustainable. From this foundation, anything is possible. 

EK Leaders

This leadership model changes how we do business by redressing the pitfalls of historical power and privilege in favor or mutual and reciprocal innovation and “teams that lead themselves.” Through rigorous process, teams, organizations, and systems transform into collectivities that raise the bar for diversity, inclusion, and equity. Success is defined holistically and for the long-haul. EK Leaders are our future, and the teams they support will create it—sustainably.


KASE stands for Know It, Apply It, Sustain It, Explore… and it’s the foundation for Exquisite Knowing. At its core, Exquisite Knowing is a transformative process. With KASE, individuals and organizations empower themselves to manifest good ideas and theories as sustainable everyday practices and experience. Collectively, we shape a world in which everyone can thrive—one micro-empowerment at at time.

Empowerment accrues. Transformation follows.