Your Collaborator

Ashley David (AB Stanford, MA/Certificate in Culture & Media NYU, MFA UMich, PhD UGA) has collaborated with domestic and international clients in education, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors for 25+ years to catalyze innovation, maximize resources, and empower diverse constituencies. As a mentor and community development entrepreneur, she has worked with K-12 and university communities within and beyond conventional educational contexts and in urban, suburban, and rural settings. She combines training and research with a unique spectrum of professional experience to offer organic, holistic, and sustainable solutions with measureable results. Exquisite Knowing™ emerged from the nexus of her interdisciplinary arts practice, her strategic consulting practice, and her dissertation project, American (post): Performing a Theory of Text. It is predicated on an aesthetics of social justice.

I would like to simply emphasize what a special person Ashley is—I have never seen such a diverse and creative combination of talents in one person—published poet, writer, academic, teacher, counselor—she was responsible for getting [our daughter] interested in so many different subjects. She also has that rare ability to truly connect with adolescents at times when they might not be connecting with other adults.

Rebecca A. Ranninger, Chief Human Resources Officer &
Executive Vice President (ret.), Symantec Corporation

I watched her transform a humble, student-run journal into a dynamic, online publication accessible to writers, artists, and thinkers throughout the world. What makes Ashley such a wonderful leader, coach, and mentor is her willingness to lead by example and do whatever it takes.

Joy Ellen Freeman Outreach/Special Collections Archivist,
Kennesaw State University and Author, Morning Glory